Lady Bird Deeds and Enhanced Life Estates

Lady Bird deeds are a useful estate planning tool. A Lady Bird deed, executed properly, can avoid probate while allowing the individual to retain total control. A ladybird deed is comparable to a transfer on death designation on a checking account or investment. It gives the grantee no current interest but provides (without promising) a future interest. Another term for […]

FOIA and the City Attorney

The Michigan Supreme Court recently decided BISIO v THE CITY OF THE VILLAGE OF CLARKSTON. The city attorney attempted to shield certain documents from a citizen, claiming he was not a public body and his communications with a developer were not public records. The Supreme Court disagreed, making clear that those who serve in offices of state and local government […]

Michigan Supreme Court Update

PEOPLE v JEMISON On June 22, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court held that under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the analog under the Michigan Constitution (Article I § 20), a criminal defendant’s right to confrontation are violated by the admission of an witnesses two-way interactive video testimony. The decision addresses the development since Crawford v Washington, 541 […]