The Courts are great at some things. Knowing when they decided an issue wrong is not always one of them.

The process of appeals can seem daunting. You’ve already taken the issue to trial, and the Court decided against you. Sometimes, to respect precedent or other zany factors out of your control, a Court decided against you. You left feeling like the system was stacked against you, that it was unfair and unjust .

A Court of Appeals can fix that. Some times, the issue is a new one, and the Court has to pick a side. A Court of Appeals can look at more factors and recognizes the decision affects more than the two parties in front of the Court. Sometimes, the factors that should not have been as important are the ones that sway the trial Court. A Court of Appeals can correct it that.

Stoltman Law knows how to get your case put back together and present it to the Court of Appeals. It does not have to be a long expensive process. Stoltman Law is interested in making sure you get your decision as quickly as possible, and won’t try to muddle the issues so it looks more complicated or that we are working harder than we need to. We are not afraid to tell you when a particular issue is not worth raising on appeal, even if you think it is.

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