Stoltman Law offers a range of services. If you do not see an area listed matching your need, do not hesitate to contact the office. The one-hour free consultation is a great way for you to learn your options. Most of our firm’s services are offered at a simple flat fee, to take the guesswork out of you obtaining professional legal counsel. Stoltman Law does not think anyone should be priced out of help. In addition to flat fees, payment plans are available.

Probate: Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship

Doctors, Banks, Courts. They need to know your plan for the future. At Stoltman Law, we develop a plan specifically tailored to you and your family. A will or trust communicates your wishes, hopes, and plans. A poorly drafted one may cause more headaches and heartbreak than not having one at all. Our office can also aid you in drafting, executing, updating, or revoking, your power of attorney documents for health care and finances. If your loved one does not have a power of attorney, and they need help, contact us about guardianships and conservatorships, your rights and options.


Adoption can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Having a new child in your home is going to cost you money, the adoption process shouldn’t.


Judges get things wrong. We all know it. That is why we have a robust systems of Appeals. Most parties choose not to appeal their cases. They have already been drained of time, money, and energy. Error correction can be quick and simple way to end your issue and, hopefully, get the outcome you were looking for.

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